Faculty Members

Name Rank Specialization E-mail Telephone
AMIRIDIS, Ioannis Associate Professor Training Science jamoirid@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991076
ARAMPATZI, Fotini Associate Professor Training Science of Track and Field farabaji@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991033
ARGIRIADOU, Eirini Assistant Professor Greek Traditional Dance argiriadoue@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991041
DIPLA, Konstantina Associate Professor Cellular Function and Exercise kdipla@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991087
EVAGGELINOU, Christina Professor Adapted Physical Education evaggeli@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991068
GIAGAZOGLOU, Paraskevi Professor pgiagaz@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991066
GISSIS, Ioannis Associate Professor Soccer Coaching/Training igkisis@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991062
KATARTZI, Ermioni Associate Professor Motor Development and Motor Coordination Difficulties noni@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991032
KELLIS, Eleftherios Professor Sport Kinesiology ekellis@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991053
KOFOTOLIS, Nikolaos Associate Professor Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries kofotol@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991061
KOIDOU, Irini Associate Professor Teaching of Physical Education with relevance to Nutritional Education of Trainees rkoidou@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991063
KYPAROS, Antonios Associate Professor Physiology of Exercise akyparos@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991040
MADEMLI, Lida Assistant Professor Motion Analysis in Ageing lmademli@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991061
MOURATIDOU, Katerina Professor Sportpedagogy katemou@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991056
NIKOLAIDIS, Michalis G. Associate Professor Biology of Exercise and Free Radicals nikolaidis@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991086
NOUSSIOS, George Associate Professor Anatomy gnousios@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991071
PATIKAS, Dimitrios A. Associate Professor Neuromuscular Adaptations during Training dpatikas@auth.gr +30-2310-991048
SALONIKIDIS, Konstantinos Associate Professor Training and Exercise Science in Tennis saloniki@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991069
SAMBANIS, Michail Assistant Professor Swimming sampanis@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991065
THEODORAKIS, Nicholas Associate Professor Sport management ndtheo@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991075
TSALIS, George Associate Professor Swimming Training tsalisg@phed-sr.auth.gr
VLACHOPOULOS, Symeon Professor Sport and Exercise Psychology vlachop@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991045
VRABAS, Ioannis S. Professor Exercise Physiology ivrabas@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991060
ZAFEIRIDIS, Andreas Associate Professor Exercise Testing zafeirid@phed-sr.auth.gr +30-2310-991082


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