School's Quality Policy

The quality policy that has been developed and implemented by S.P.E.S.S. is completely attuned to the policy of the Department and aims at:
Constant improvement of the quality of education and research
Constant improvement of the quality of the procedures and services provided
Constant improvement of working conditions
Transparency in every level
Giving prominence to the effort materialized in the Department in society, state and international scientific community.

The quality policy is materialized with the commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory framework of the Foundation and the establishment, systematic review, redesigning and redefining of the quality assurance objectives, which are completely attuned with the strategic planning of the Department.The S.P.E.S.S. os Serres is committed to implement quality assurance processes that mostly advocate:
The learning outcomes and the pursued qualifications according to the National and European Framework for Higher Education Qualifications.
The appropriateness of the infrastructure and the organisation of the study guide.
The quality and effectiveness of the teaching work as substantiated by student evaluation.
The appropriateness of teaching staff qualifications.
The quality of the research conducted by the academic unit.
The level of connection between teaching and research.
The demand for the acquired qualifications in the job market.
The quality of support services such as administrative services, libraries and student support services.
The quality objectives of the Post Graduate Program are:
Undergraduate curriculum update.
Teaching procedure improvement.
Alumni contentment and career assistance.
Quality and quantity adequacy of the teaching staff.
Improvement of student performance.
Reduction of study duration.
Increase in high quality research publications.
Participation in National and European programs.
Connection between research and undergraduate student education.
Improvement of learning environment and everyday function.
Fully up-to-date and solid information for the students.

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